About Us

BloomIQ.com is a free, online tool that helps both novice and experienced gardeners design beautiful pots, planters, and gardens.  Our team of experts is here to share gardening information, gardening advice, and gardening inspiration.

We’re a planning resource. We help you make more informed choices about plantings and make the most of your garden center visits.  


We created BloomIQ with the belief that we all need a little gardening inspiration - whether you’re looking for gardening advice on which companion plants best complement your recent garden center find, or if you’re like us and you love to see how other people design with plants - checking out gardening websites, garden tours, and gardening magazines, and secretly sneaking a peak or two into other shopping carts at the garden center to get ideas on great plant combinations.


After spending time on other gardening websites, we decided to take a whole new approach by creating a place where you could find beautiful garden ideas then head to the garden center with a shopping list of plants to simplify a weekend gardening project. 


We offer helpful gardening advice that inspires confidence and eliminates the guesswork by helping you select plant combinations that match your growing conditions, your color preferences, even your relationships with life beyond the garden— collections of flowers that attract butterflies, for example, or deer resistant plants.   


Explore our favorites or design your own combinations from hundreds of blooms. In colors you love. We help you easily narrow down the sea of gardening information to find the plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs that fit your lifestyle and thrive in your space. 


Our relationships with thousands of growers across the country—some right in your region—gives us access to professional gardening advice about garden design, plant care, and troubleshooting —and a unique view into emerging varieties of plants and gardening ideas.   We hope you will add BloomIQ to your list of helpful gardening websites and look forward to hearing from you with ideas on how we can make our website even better.


BloomIQ.com is an offshoot of The John Henry Company, a Multi Packaging Solutions company. John Henry is a leader in print, packaging, and merchandising solutions for the horticulture industry with more than 100 years of experience. Among their many products and services, John Henry makes those helpful little tags with basic gardening information on how to plant and care for your garden center purchases. John Henry has a plant reference library of over 165,000 annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. Multi Packaging Solutions is a leading print and packaging company known for creativity, innovation, and technology.