Burgundy flowers bloom two to three times starting mid summer and are usually triggered after a good rain. Flowers emit a spicy fragrance. Glossy, lime green leaves make this hybrid variety an attractive garden plant even when it isn't flowering.


Dwarf Elephant Ear

Stunning, wide, deep purple leaves on equally purple stems. This charming, compact accent plant is highly adaptable. Try in a water garden for a tropical look. Small size also makes this plant ideal in containers!


Lily of the Nile

Striking large white and purple flower heads bloom over mounds of strap-like foliage. Flowers are long-lasting in the garden or as a cut flower. Excellent in perennial gardens, borders or containers. May need to be over-wintered indoors in cooler climates.



Lavender flower clusters bloom from spring to fall on this low-growing, spreading plant and bring a splash of color to containers and also is wonderful as a ground cover or at garden's edge. Heat tolerance and deer resistance make this a great, low maintenance selection!


Indian Hawthorne

A vigorous and robust evergreen shrub that is great as a screen but can also be grown as a small tree. New foliage emerges bright and bronzy; mature leaves are large in size. Dark pink, fragrant blooms grace Rosalinda® in the spring.



'Grand Primo' boasts long-lasting white blooms with pale yellow cups with a pleasant fragrance that is less overpowering than that of the paper whites. Naturalizes readily and is known for being well-suited to problem sites.

Nivéole d'été

Heirloom Snowflake

Delicate white flowers on glossy, green, grasslike foliage. Easy to grow; a highly adapatable bulb that can be grown in just about any type of soil. Naturalizes easily and looks great planted at the base of trees or at the edge of woodland areas.

Cleyera du Japon


Beautiful foliage emerges maroon and matures to light green and return to maroon in the fall. Large white blooms give way to red berries. The neat, uniform growth habit makes this plant a perfect choice for hedges or privacy screens. Prune to shape after spring bloom.

Cryptotaenia du Japon

Japanese Parsley, Mitsuba

Delicious herb with mild flavors of celery and parsley. Leaves and stalks are excellent used fresh in salads or soups and added to vegetable dishes or stir fry in the last stages of cooking. For best flavor, avoid overcooking. Allow some reseeding for longevity in the garden.

Cerfeuil vivace


Aromatic foliage forms beautiful lacy mounds in the garden. Fresh leaves give a delicate anise flavor to salads, fish or chicken dishes and cheese sauces. Add in the last stages of cooking to preserve flavor. Remove flower buds to promote leaf growth, but leave a few flowers to reseed for next year.

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