Incredibly floriferous! Princess Dark Lavender is covered by pale purple flowers from spring until fall without bald spots or breaking apart. Will spread up to four feet, making it an outstanding ground cover, or use in large containers. Tough and extremely heat tolerant.



With exceptional heat and humidity tolerance, Southgate™ Rhododendrons thrive in the deep south as well as in traditional Rhododendron areas. Radiance™ features deep lavender buds that open to light purple.

Loropetalum pleureur

Weeping Loropetalum

Showy pink flowers and rich purple foliage grace Purple Pixie. With its dwarf size and weeping habit, it makes a fantastic ground cover but it's stunning, vibrant color is also a perfect addition to hanging baskets, window boxes and other containers.

Lilas d'été


120 days of color! Early Bird™ starts blooming as early as Mother's Day and keeps on going! This semi-dwarf variety grows five to eight feet tall and is the perfect size for your yard. Varieties include Lavender ('JD818'), Purple ('JD827') and White ('JD900').



Rich, deep purple foliage all season long and showy, fragrant, bright pink flowers in the spring and sometimes again in summer. Prune to shape after the spring bloom. Purple Diamond® grows 4-5 feet tall and wide so it won't overwhelm your yard. A lovely and colorful addition to your landscape!



Spikes of purple flowers bloom in summer over tall, dark green foliage followed by small black berry-like fruits in the fall and winter. A lovely addition to borders, pathways, shady areas and slopes. Readily self-sows. Shear or mow back in fall or early spring to encourage fresh growth.


Dwarf Elephant Ear

Stunning, wide, deep purple leaves on equally purple stems. This charming, compact accent plant is highly adaptable. Try in a water garden for a tropical look. Small size also makes this plant ideal in containers!



Lavender flower clusters bloom from spring to fall on this low-growing, spreading plant and bring a splash of color to containers and also is wonderful as a ground cover or at garden's edge. Heat tolerance and deer resistance make this a great, low maintenance selection!

Basilic thaï

Thai Basil

Large, aromatic leaves have an intense licorice-basil flavor excellent for Thai and Vietnamese cooking, as well as Italian dishes. Holds its flavor better than common basil when cooked at high heat or simmered. Late blooming plants produce higher yields without the need to pinch flower buds.



Intricate, orchid-like blooms are often spotted, and come in shades of blue or purple, white and occasionally yellow. A true gem for the woodland garden, ideally sited close to garden's edge where the flower detail can be seen and appreciated. Plants emerge late in spring.

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